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Why home inspection?

Home inspection is the evaluation of the current condition of the property. Are there any problems in the property? What are the problems? How much will it cost to fix these problems? These are the information that our customers are eager to learn about. Also that is mainly why customers would like to use the service of home inspectors. In addition to that, the home inspection process is a good opportunity for the customer to learn about and understand the property. Generally speaking, home inspectors would introduce some knowledge about the property and property maintenance.

Is there a PASS or FAIL for home inspection?

No. The home inspector is a neutral third party, and he is not granted with the public power by the government or the law. An inspector only conducts thorough and objective inspection of the property in accordance with professional Standards of Practice, and provides his customer with relevant information and professional opinion of the property. Home inspection is by no means inspection upon delivery. Questions and concerns reflected in the inspection report cannot be interpreted as corrective instructions for any party. 

Should the customer be present when home inspection is being conducted?

Yes. Mr. Huang suggests that customer be present when conducting inspection. On one hand, you can learn about problems and defects right away during the inspection, and at the same time, you are able to obtain more direct knowledge about the property, its maintenance and repair. On the other hand, you can raise questions that you are interested in relating to the property. Mr. Huang will tell you what he knows without reserve.

Can home inspection reveal all the problems?

No. Home inspection is a visual inspection – the inspector mainly analyzes and evaluates the observed situation combining his experience and knowledge and using some auxiliary tools. The inspection is restricted due to building structure, plumbing and wiring concealed by renovation, because the inspector is not allowed to damage the existing renovation. Apart from these restrictions, home inspection is also affected by season. For example, air conditioning cannot be inspected in winter, and roof can’t be inspected if it is covered with snow. Also there are some items related to the property that do not fall within the responsibility of the inspector, such as low-voltage  system like TV cable and internet, inspection in relation to environment such as mould, air quality, and pests that affect the property structure such as termite. These inspections should be conducted by other professionals with relevant credentials. 

Can home inspection report be treated as warranty?

No. Home inspection is only the evaluation of the current condition of the property. Home inspection report reflects the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. It does not guarantee the future condition of the property. It is the same case with a person doing physical check-up in a hospital. The examination report provided by the hospital reveals this person’s physical condition when he is in hospital for the check-up. It will not guarantee the person’s future condition.

How to choose a home inspector?

In Canada, only two provinces - British Columbia and Alberta, have comprehensive regulations about home inspection industry for the time being. They require that all home inspectors in this industry should work with the certificate. Otherwise they violate the law. First of all, the regulations ask home inspectors to take professional training and examinations related to home inspection and approved by the government. This is the prerequisite of obtaining the qualification certificate. You automatically meet the requirements if you have the title “Registered Home Inspector”. Secondly, home inspectors are obligated to purchase Errors and Omission Insurance. Home inspectors have to meet these two requirements so that they can obtain their licenses.

In view of it, you can refer to the above-mentioned criteria when you need to select a home inspector. In addition, each association manages their members according to their level classification. The association sets up relevant entry requirements and standards for each level. That is to say, the higher level the home inspector is in, the higher standards the association requires. It is reflected according in the market – generally speaking, the higher level the home inspector is in, the higher quote price the inspector will quote.

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