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We conduct overall home inspection to the property according to industry standard. In some respects, we provide service that exceeds the industry standard. On the day of inspection, we provide a written report about the property condition (standard format) recording the basic features of the property and deficiencies revealed during home inspection in detail. The home inspection report provides reference for you to make decision on home repair and maintenance in the future.

For most properties, we provide 2 to 4 hours’ home inspection service. We inspect at most 2 properties a day in order to ensure service quality. It is most desirable that home inspection starts from 9 am to 10 am in the morning, and 2 pm to 3 pm in the afternoon. Of course we will make adjustment according to your requirement. During the home inspection, we will carefully examine each item, answer each question/concern in detail and explain basic knowledge of the property and maintenance requirement.

From the moment we receive your call, kindness and patience will run through the whole inspection process. We pay close attention to each of your requirement, answer each and every question you raise, try positively to provide a cheerful and happy atmosphere during the home inspection. You will experience our excellent service quality from it


Service commitment

If we conduct a home inspection for you, you will automatically become our CUSTOMER SERVICE MEMBER and enjoy our complementary service of telephone and email consultation about home repair, maintenance, and so on.


Service rate: $450-1000 per case

Please take the following elements into consideration when you compare home inspectors:

1. Whether the home inspector is a member of professional home inspection association approved by the government?

Mr. Huang is a member of Ontario Association of Home Inspector (RHI,#366) – also one of the highest ranking home inspector. His credential can be verified in the following website http://oahi.com.


2. How many professional courses in relation to home inspection did the inspector take?

Mr. Huang studied inOAHI,George Brown College, and other professional institutions. He completed 13 specialty courses through these studies. He obtained Home Inspection Certificate from George Brown College.


3.  The home inspector’s professional and occupational background.

Since graduation from University in 1987, Mr. Huang has been working in property inspection industry in construction field in China and Canada. He understands and is very familiar with every aspect of property inspection and have rich experiences and knowledge in home inspection.

4.  Is the home inspector full-time or part-time?

A full-time inspector has flexible schedule to meet your need. He has enough time and energy to focus on his service and improve his service quality.


5.  Does the home inspector purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance?

At present, only two provinces in Canada - British Columbia and Alberta have comprehensive regulations about home inspection industry - all home inspectors in this industry are obligated to work with the certificate, otherwise they violate the law. One of the most important regulations is that home inspectors have to purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance no matter what professional level you are in. This is the prerequisite of obtaining the qualification certificate.

In the province of Ontario, the home inspection market has not been regulated. You can be a home inspector no matter whether you are a member of the Association of Home Inspector, or whether you purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance. Therefore competitive rate is not a key factor, quality service is.