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Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial buildings are more complex than residential properties. The diversity of the functions of commercial buildings determines the diversity of the building structures: such as high-rise hotel, shopping mall, plaza, office building, industrial, etc., and also determines the diversity of their facilities, such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation(HVAC), and electricity, etc.


We so far have been accumulating experience from inspecting more than one hundred commercial projects since 2003.We are competent in commercial building inspections of various types of buildings. We provide you with timely commercial property information to assist you in buying, selling and leasing properties. We make it easier for you to make decisions and reduce risks. We also provide inspection services for existing property maintenance, mortgage renewal and other aspects. Our inspection report covers all the important systems of the property, the cost of repair and replacement, as well as the time of completion.


 The cost of a commercial building inspection depends on the function, area, location, age of the building. Please call for quotation.


Our inspection reports are accepted by insurance companies and financial institutions.


The following are the large commercial buildings that have been inspected.


1:Markham ON. 

  (Four-storey office and single-storey warehouse. Total 190,000 square feet)




2:  Toronto ON. 

(Office, under and upper ground parking.  160,000 square feet)



3:  Toronto ON.  

      (Industrial Warehouse, 40,000 square feet)



4: Pickering, ON.

       (Supermarket, 60,000 square feet)